A flexible response
to demands for micron precision

Demhosa was founded in 1974. The company was bought up in 1998 by Incabloc SA and, in order to meet the high standards required by the watch industry, became a full-fledged centre of excellence in the fields of bar-turning, cutting and roller-burnishing.

Demhosa closely allies know-how, computer resources and production capacity ; its constantly evolving structure earns it the ongoing trust of an ever more demanding clientele.

The machine park includes numerically controlled machining centres ( CNC ) and cam-type machines, most of which are managed by programmable controllers. Demhosa is thus able to choose the most suitable alternatives and ensure top-quality work within highly competitive lead times.

The company offers its solutions to large industries using microtechnological products such as the watchmaking, micro-mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, medical and automobile sectors…

An active part of the region’s industrial fabric, Demhosa is the perfect answer to requirements for “Swiss made” precision and quality finishes.

demhosa precision bar-turning