Demhosa - bar turning Demhosa - bar turning CNC


• CNC bar-turning up to 20 mm
• Conventional bar-turning up to 10 mm
• Standard and frontal cutting
• Roller-burnishing


Our prototype department offers the option of producing small series, pilot-series or one-off pieces.

Operations : turning, drilling, tapping, threading, chasing, milling, whirling, cutting.

Materials : most machinable materials, including copper alloys, steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and thermoplastics.

Demhosa can also produce parts in diamagnetic material.

Demhosa handles heat treatments and surface treatments, polishing and galvanisation.


Within this high-tech environment, you’ll be welcomed and advised by partners on whom you can rely, attentive to your specific needs and rigorously methodical in executing your requests.